Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy only allows you to cancel your package if certain conditions are met. Please read our cancellation policy to ensure you understand our cancellation rules.

We have an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, so we don’t ask our customers to cancel orders, but they can’t.

In some cases, external factors may leave the customer no choice but to cancel the order.

How can I cancel an order on the portal?

Our portal has a simple cancellation policy and you can easily cancel your package online. If you cannot, you can also call our support number to cancel your order. Please note that in both cases you must provide a reason for cancellation.

If you cancel an order and it meets all of the terms of our cancellation policy, you will receive a cancellation invoice from us.

How do I refund a cancelled order or request?

First, when we receive a cancelled order, we check to see if the order meets our cancellation policy criteria. We will then confirm the quantity ordered and contact our shipping and logistics team to proceed with the shipment.

Regarding the refund procedure, we do not refund cash or invoices. Only online refunds can be made directly to your account. Customers are therefore required to provide their bank account number and all other information in order to make a payment.

We are in no way responsible if your bank details are incorrect or invalid.

Additionally, you should allow a minimum of 7 business days from the date you place your online cancellation order on the portal for your order to be processed.

We are also not responsible if the money is not returned to your account within 7 business days. Be sure to go to the bank and ask for advice, not over the phone.

What is non-refundable?

Under no circumstances will we refund any taxes, duties or other charges imposed by your government under the tax rules of your country or state. Please also note that we cannot be held responsible for this.

When does the cancellation policy apply?

So, after reviewing the important information above, let’s look at the conditions or scenarios under which an order can be cancelled and the conditions for meeting our guidelines.

Cancellation for lack of product

In this case, your order will be automatically cancelled by us. This is one of the rare cases where we cancel an order if the medicine you ordered is not in our current inventory.

On our portal, we will try to fulfil your order by offering a partial order if it is within our capabilities and a partial stock of the drug is available.

Cancellation of order for non-confirmation of payment

In the absence of payment after placing the order, the order may be automatically cancelled. Once your order is complete, you will receive a temporary email. We will then email you a total invoice or an invoice which will be the final confirmation invoice once we have received all orders.

It is expected that customers log in to the online portal and pay the required amount using different online methods.

However, otherwise, the order will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours.

Cancellation due to late delivery of the order

Sometimes, the customer may feel that the delivery times are too long and are not satisfied with the delivery time management of our courier and logistics department.

He reminds you that you can place your cancellation order with us at any time during the transit. But there are times when we can’t give you a full refund and deduct any charges like customs duties if your package has already reached your country’s customs centre.

Cancellation due to incorrect delivery of the product

Of course, we are responsible if you have received the wrong brand or the wrong dose of medicine outside of what you ordered.

Don’t forget that after receiving delivery of your package and ascertaining that a wrong product or dose has been delivered, you have a maximum period of 7 days to contact us and make a cancellation and refund request. Any request received after 7 days will not be taken into consideration.

Cancellation for tampered product

If the product has been tampered with in any way, you can call and let us know and request a cancellation and refund, provided you do the same again within 7 days.

Please mail us at if you have any questions.