Return and Refund Policy

Order confirmation

When a customer places an order, Sexmedz may send an email or give a call to confirm the customer’s order and Another email will be sent within 24 hours with a payment invoice link to complete payment.

Once payment is received from the buyer, the payment confirmation email indicates that your order has been processed and will be shipped soon.

An email will be sent to the customer’s address if there is a problem with the payment, such as a payment that cannot be completed.

Shipping confirmation

Confirmed orders are dispatched and may be shipped the same day the order is placed (some time delay due to unavailability of stock). Once the shipment is confirmed, you will receive an email with the tracking number for your order. This email contains all shipping details and delivery schedules. This email also includes a “Contact Us” option, allowing you to manually track your order by calling us.

Orders can be shipped to home or work addresses, depending on the customer’s preference. You have the option of Registered Airmail. This is a little more expensive but inherently more secure. This type of delivery requires a signature from the buyer upon delivery. If the buyer is unavailable, a message will be sent to the buyer about the package delivery attempt. The buyer can pick up the package after contacting the post office whose contact details are provided in the message sent upon delivery. Orders will be held at the post office for approximately 4 weeks before being returned.

APO Address and PO Box

As long as the shipping method options offered by Sexmedz are open, delivery will be made to his APO address and PO Boxes. You can set up shipping to APO or PO addresses by setting the same primary address.

Customs is based off the coast of India and all orders are treated as imports. Packages that have cleared customs may be delayed. Delays at customs can be from a few days, and in extreme cases he can take up to three weeks.

Delivery delay

Shipping will take place within 24-48 hours of placing your order. The time it takes to deliver the product depends on the carrier. If your order is pending customs, it may take up to 21-30 days to arrive. If you do not receive the item within 21 days after placing your order, please be sure to contact us. Courier companies and customs holidays may cause additional delays in package delivery.

Resend a lost order

Lost orders will be resent or refunded by Sexmedz free of cost. If there is any delay in receiving your order, it is important that he informs customer service within 6 weeks from the date of shipment to the customer. Refunds or reshipments of lost orders will be made as soon as they are reported. Referrals made within 8 weeks will not be accepted and will not be refunded.

If the purchaser fails to pick up/receive the parcel when he arrives at his home for delivery by a courier, or attempts to deliver the parcel but the buyer has not scheduled redelivery of the parcel and the parcel is returned by the courier, in this case refunds and reshipments are not possible.

The following terms apply to exchange orders on Sexmedz:

a) If it takes more than 21 days to deliver the product then the number of days stated in the shipping details for the same product.

b) The shipping date provided is correct

If the buyer orders to the wrong address, the order will be charged the exchange policy fee.

Refund and return policy

If the order you receive is damaged in any way or is not received at all, you will be issued a refund or the product will be returned. It usually depends on the call from the buyer and may be refunded or resent at the buyer’s option. Buyers must wait at least 30 days from the order date to request a refund. If you have any questions regarding your order or products in general, Sexmedz will provide telephone support for each customer. The refund policy is valid for all users as long as the returned product can be resold. The only requirement is that the product is intact, unused, and unopened and that the product expiration date has not been exceeded.

For any help on the above issue regarding refund, delivery, or return please mail us at