Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Vadiwadi, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Established in 2006, Centurion Laboratories has played a pivotal role in providing affordable and accessible healthcare solutions across the world. With a focus on innovation and research, Centurion Laboratories has emerged as a leader in various therapeutic segments, offering a diverse range of pharmaceutical products.

The company’s commitment to quality, accessibility, and affordability has made it a trusted name in healthcare. Centurion Laboratories portfolio includes a wide array of prescription medicines, over-the-counter products, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It is known for its contributions in areas such as respiratory care, HIV/AIDS treatment, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

Centurion Laboratories global presence spans over 80 countries, with a strong emphasis on ensuring the availability of high-quality medicines to patients in need. The company’s initiatives extend beyond pharmaceuticals, encompassing social responsibility, sustainability, and community welfare.

With a dedicated team and a mission to improve lives through healthcare excellence, Centurion Laboratories continues to make a positive impact on the global healthcare landscape.

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