Why choose Sexmedz?

Sexmedz offers only the best user experience to make your online pill purchasing comfortable through multiple discounts and cash-back offers.

Do I need a prescription to shop at an online pharmacy?

Yes. Purchasing medicines from online pharmacies is not permitted without a prescription from a certified doctor.

What is the process for purchasing prescription medications?

By sending a scanned copy of your prescription to our email, you will be able to use our drug delivery service and receive your prescribed medications (for more information, please click

Is the personal data I registered at the time of purchase safe?

Yes. We make sure that the details you share with us are secure. We’ve brought together the best technology to keep your databases encrypted. Our team members will only contact your information during the order process. Rest assured that the data you share with us will not be sold by us to third parties.

What are generic drugs?

These are drugs that contain exactly the same ingredients as the patented company’s drugs, the only difference being that they are not sold under a brand name, so they are cheaper. Generic drugs are produced only when the patent on the brand-name drug expires.

Are these drugs safe to take?

There are certain FDA guidelines that all drugs must follow, regardless of whether they are generic or brand name. Generic and brand-name drugs have the same active ingredients (though different inactive ingredients), so their risk and benefit factors are almost the same.

Why are generic drugs so much cheaper than brand-name drugs?

This is because generic drugs, unlike branded drugs, do not spend money on marketing, advertising, and other expensive procedures. Only production, packaging, and distribution costs are involved.

How long will it take for my ordered product to arrive?

Please allow 10-12 business days for your order to be successfully delivered.

Is there a way to track the progress of my purchase?

You can track your order using the tracking number assigned by the company. If you lose or misplace your tracking number information, you can still track your order, but you will need to email the organization requesting the tracking number. When you place an order, you can always ask our customer service provider for the name of the logistics support.

 Is there a way to get a discount on my order?

Resolution Yes. Sign up for our newsletter and get 10% to 40% off all orders.

What are the steps to cancel an order?

You can easily initiate the cancellation process by emailing our Customer Service Manager at

What happens if I enter the wrong email address?

One reason you may not receive email notifications may be that the email address you entered when registering or creating an order is invalid. If you register with an incorrect email address, you will need to restart the registration process.

What should I do if I received the wrong dose?

In this situation, please contact us immediately. We will send you the correct dose.

Why can’t I find a product in an online pharmacy that I saw or purchased in the pharmacy?

Some drugs sold in pharmacies registered as drugs or medical devices cannot be purchased due to regulations.

I used to pay online, why can’t I pay by card?

– Maybe you didn’t enter your password (the so-called security code) in the last step.

If you have previously used a card for online payments, your bank may use a Mastercard security code and the Verified by Visa protocol. This means that in most cases you will have to use that card for other transactions.

The main benefit of using a Visa-verified MasterCard security code for online payments is that it gives users control over the unauthorized use of their cards.

Since the transmission of sensitive data occurs between the bank and the user, all payments are made using a passcode or secure code known only to the card user.

– There is not enough balance on your card. In this case, the system will reject the transaction.