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Valif oral jelly is a highly effective medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It contains Vardenafil as its active ingredient, which helps increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in a firm and long-lasting erection. Valif jelly comes in a convenient jelly form, making it easy to take and fast-acting, with effects being felt within 15-30 minutes.

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Valif Oral Jelly (Generic Vardenafil Oral Jelly)

Valif Oral Jelly (Generic Vardenafil oral jelly) is part of a class of medications known as phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors. The medicine is utilized for treating male sexual dysfunction (impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) for men who are older and women, which can cause problems in maintaining or getting a sexual erection. When combined with stimulation for sexual pleasure Vardenafil can increase penis blood flow to assist a man in obtaining and maintaining an erection.

Valif Strawberry Jelly (Generic Vardenafil Oral Jelly) starts working within 15 minutes of consumption and lasts for 3 to 4 hours. Furthermore, these jelly sachets are more practical to use than conventional tablets. Every 5-gram sachet of Oral Jelly has 20 mg of the principal ingredient Vardenafil.

It is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma Limited, India with a dosage of 20 mg. It is packaged in a five-gram Sachet.

We also stock the Valif tablet (Generic Vardenafil tablets, 10 mg, and 20 mg tablets) which is also utilized to treat the same indications.

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Ajanta Pharmaceutical Limited India

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in it can be described as Vardenafil Hydrochloride Trihydrate. Each packet filled with Valif Oral Jelly contains 20 mg of Vardenafil.


Uses for Valif Jelly (Vardenafil Oral Jelly)

Valif Jelly (Vardenafil Oral Jelly) is used in treatments for erectile disorders among adult males. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to attain or keep a penile erection that is sufficient for good sexual performance.
Valif Jelly (Vardenafil Oral Jelly) will take about 30 minutes to begin working, and its effects last for more than Sildenafil which lasts for about 5 hours.


Oral Vardenafil Jelly Dosage

The suggested Vardenafil Oral Jelly (Valif 20 mg Jelly) dosage is taken orally twice per day, with or without food. I.e. 24 hours must have passed before taking the next dose.
The recommended dosage for the initial use of Vardenafil of 5 mg for patients suffering from moderate liver impairment (Child-Pugh B). The dosage maximum for patients with moderate impairment must not exceed 10 mg. Therefore, Vardenafil 20 mg orally Jelly is not recommended for this type of patient. The same applies if patients are taking powerful and moderate inhibitors for CYP3A4 in which case the dosage is off it should be lowered.


Renal Impairment

Do not take it for patients who are on dialysis because Vardenafil is not a drug that has been tested in this patient group.


How do I use it?

Valif Oral Jelly can be consumed approximately 15 minutes before sexual activities. The sachet is opened and all of the contents are. One packet is Valif Jelly and is for one-time use only. Take this medicine only under the supervision of a physician.

It can be consumed with or without food. The full impact of a single dose (one five-gram sachet) can last approximately 3-4 hours, but in certain cases, the effects can last up to 24 hrs. Some kind of method of stimulation for it more than twice a day i.e., a minimum of 24 hours needs to be allowed to pass before taking the next dosage.


Is it safe to take Vardenafil Oral Jelly (Valif Jelly) every day?

It is crucial to take no greater than 1 Oral Jelly sachet per day. It is also not recommended to take it daily. If you’re having sexual relations several times throughout the week, a treatment like Tadalafil 5 mg (Tadalista Tablets from Fortune HealthCare) once every day may be suited to your requirements more effectively.


Vardenafil Oral Jelly (Valif Jelly) Storage

Vardenafil Oral Jelly at a controlled temperature (59degF to 86degF, or 15degC up to 30degC). Store in an air-tight dark, dry, and dark place. Be sure to keep away from the bright sun’s rays. Keep out of the reach of children.


It is not advised for those with hypersensitivity (allergy) to Vardenafil or any other ingredient of this medication.

Use of Valif Jelly in combination with Nitrates (either frequently or periodically) and Nitric Oxide donors is not advised. As is the case with the effect on PDE5 inhibitory effects on the nitric oxide/cyclic Guanosine monophosphate pathway PDE5 inhibitors, such as Valif 20 mg Oral Jelly may potentiate the hypotensive effects induced by Nitrates. The optimal time frame for the dosing of Valif Jelly for the safety of administration of nitrates and donors of nitric oxide has not been established.


Warnings and Precautions

A physical exam and medical history are required to identify the erectile dysfunction and identify potential root causes before pharmacological treatment can be considered.

Before implementing the treatment of erectile dysfunction, doctors should take into consideration the cardiovascular condition of their patients, as there is a certain amount of risk to the heart in sexual exercise.

Vardenafil is a vasodilator that results in slight and brief drops of blood pressure.
Patients suffering from left-ventricular outflow obstructions, e.g., aortic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis may become sensitive to the actions of vasodilators such as Type-5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Valif 20 mg Jelly can enhance the blood pressure-lowering effects of antihypertensive drugs. Other warnings and precautions for using Generic Vardenafil Oral Jelly (Valif 20 mg Jelly) include:

Cardiovascular Effects: Heart Disease Patients should not take Valif oral jelly if sexual activity is not recommended due to the state of their cardiovascular system.

Risk of Priapism: If an erection lasts longer than four minutes, the individual must seek medical attention right away.

Effects on the Eye: The effects on the Eye are a major organ and patients should discontinue using it and seek medical attention in the case of suddenly losing vision in either or both eyes, which may be an indication of nonarteritic ischemic anterior optic nerve pathology (NAION). Valif oral jelly must be taken with caution and only if the benefits outweigh the potential risks for patients with a background of NAION. Patients who have a “crowded” optical disc could be at risk of having an increased risk of developing NAION.

Sudden Hearing Loss: Hearing loss that is sudden Patients should cease taking Valif chewable jelly orally and consult medical assistance when they experience a sudden loss or decrease in hearing.

Alpha-Blockers: Take caution whenever PDE5 inhibitors are administered in conjunction with beta-blockers. In certain patients, concurrent usage of both drug classes can decrease blood pressure in a significant way, resulting in symptoms of hypotension (for instance fainting, for example).

QT Prolongation: Individuals who have QT syndrome congenital to them or taking antiarrhythmics of class IA and III should not use Valif orally-dispersed jelly (Vardenafil jelly)


Vardenafil Oral Jelly and Alcohol

It did not increase the hypotensive effects of alcohol over the observation period of 4 hours in healthy volunteers when given in combination with alcohol (0.5 g/kg body weight; around 40 of alcohol absolute in a 70kg person). The plasma levels of alcohol and vardenafil did not change when administered in tandem.


The effects on the ability to drive and Use Machines

Studies on the effect on the capability to drive or utilize machines while undergoing treatments using Vardenafil (Valif 20 mg oral Jelly) were conducted.
Since dizziness and blurred vision have been observed in clinical trials using Vardenafil tablets, patients must be aware of the reactions they experience to Vardenafil before driving or operating machinery.


Side Effects

The most common adverse effects that are reported by at least 2% of patients receiving therapy using Vardenafil (Valif Oral Jelly) include headache, flushing and dyspepsia, nasal congestion, sinusitis, flu-like symptoms of dizziness, increased creatine kinase level, nausea and back pain.
The next section lists the more frequent, but less common side effects, having an incidence lower than 2%, that were identified during the development phase of Vardenafil tablets as well as Vardenafil tablet dissolving orally. The list is not inclusive of the side effects that are rare and minor or those that can be common without medication, and incidents that are not connected to the medication:

The whole body Angioedema and allergic edema being unwell, experiencing a feeling of discomfort, allergic reactions, and chest discomfort

Auditory: tinnitus, vertigo

Cardiovascular: palpitation, tachycardia, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, ventricular tachyarrhythmias, hypotension

Digestive The most common symptoms are nausea, stomach and abdominal discomfort, dry mouth gastroesophageal reflux disease, diarrhea gastritis, vomiting an increase in transaminases

Musculoskeletal: Increase in creatine-phosphokinase (CPK) in muscles and cramps myalgia, muscle cramps

Nervous: dysesthesia and paresthesia somnolence, sleep disorder amnesia, syncope, syncope seizures

Respiratory problems: sinus congestion

Appendages and skin including rash, erythema

Ophthalmologic: visual impairment, eye hyperemia, distortion of color eye pain and irritation, photophobia a rise in intraocular pressure, and conjunctivitis

Urogenital: Increase in the amount of erection and an increase in priapism


Intoxication from Vardenafil Oral Jelly

Signs of the signs of a Vardenafil overdose are not well-known but they are likely to include back dizziness, pain in the back, an irregular heartbeat, and abnormal vision.

The highest amount that can be administered by Vardenafil (Valif Oral Jelly) for which human-based data are available is one single dose of 120 mg given to healthy male subjects. Most of the subjects suffered from irreparable back pain or myalgia, and/or “abnormal sight.” One dose of up to 80 mg of vardenafil and multiple doses of up to 40 mg of Vardenafil taken daily for four weeks were not able to be tolerated, producing any serious adverse consequences. When vardenafil 40 mg was administered twice a day there were cases of severe back pain were noted. No neurological or muscle toxicities were identified.


Disclaimer: The content of this page is for informational purposes and is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any way. If you have any questions regarding a medical condition, please consult your doctor or seek help from a qualified healthcare provider before self-medicating. If you have any concerns about the content of our website, please contact us at

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