Extra Super Zhewitra


Extra Super Zhewitra is a highly potent medication that combines the benefits of vardenafil 40mg and dapoxetine 60mg to address both erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). With its powerful dual-action formula,

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Extra Super Zhewitra

Extra Super Zhewitra is a brand-new type of meticulously crafted and manufactured drug developed by renowned medical professionals to tackle two male sexual issues simultaneously.

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and excessive ejaculation at the same time.

In the end, patients can enjoy pleasurable sexual encounters.


What’s the purpose of Extra Super Zhewitra?

Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two of the sexual problems that are very common for males. Vardenafil tablets can be described as a dual tablet that targets the issue of erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation in males.

Extra Zhewitra Tablets are a potent combination of two potent medicines, Vardenafil and Dapoxetine that treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


How does it work?

It is the presence of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase kind five (PDE5) enzyme that blocks the blood flow vital for erections, by reducing the production of nitric oxide while sexually stimulated. Vardenafil is among the active components in Vardenafil and, as a PDE5 inhibitor, it boosts the production of nitric Oxide within men’s bodies when they’re sexually stimulated. This causes the blood vessels that line the cavernous part of the penis to relax which allows a greater flow of blood, giving men an erection or stronger sexual erection than normal.

Dapoxetine is the second key ingredient of Extra Super Zhewitra, is an inhibitor of selective serotonin reuptake which blocks the serotonin-transporter within the body of men when they’re sexually stimulated, preventing the process of ejaculation, and also prevents premature ejaculation.

Because of its properties Vardenafil and Dapoxetine, it is a great option to treat erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculations at the same time.


Extra Super Zhewitra Dosage

It is an erectile dysfunction treatment and ejaculation precipitation that connects the 40mg Vardenafil as well as 60 mg Dapoxetine.

If a man wishes to establish a sexual affair with his lover and has this drug, he will take it. it is recommended to take at least 60 mins before trying to begin making the love of your partner. The medicine can alleviate premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction for four hours following the start phase.

It is to be taken once every 24 hours in no way should you exceed the recommended amount. If you take it you could experience more adverse reactions than usual and, in certain situations, it is possible to experience this overdose of Vardenafil as well as Dapoxetine. If you have questions regarding the dosage of Vardenafil then please consult your physician. You may also speak to your pharmacist regarding the dosage if your physician isn’t in the office right now.


Adverse consequences:

The following are a few of the most common negative side effects of Vardenafil:



Runny Nose

Stuffy Nose

Stomach pain



Back pain


Vardenafil is associated with a range of adverse reactions that are significant:

The sensation of ringing in the ear

Hearing loss

Heartbeat irregularity

Hands swollen

Feet swollen

Trouble breathing

Afflicting a tense look



Dapoxetine is a drug that has the following adverse consequences:



I’m feeling unwell.

Are you worried?

Troubles with concentration

Vision is blurred


A decreased desire for sexual intimacy


What is the reason you need Extra Super Zhewitra if You Are Male and Sexually Impotent?

This medication addresses two male issues simultaneously Impotence or erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The condition is known as erectile dysfunction. It’s a common male disorder that results in being not able to get solid erections after the penis is stimulated.

This makes it difficult to have a sexual relationship with a male and female partner. These pills can assist you to regain your strength in erections. All you need do is to follow the directions given by your physician. Then, you will be able to compare your outcomes in bed.


What precautions should I take when using a tablet?

When you take Vardenafil, you should take particular precautions, including making sure you are taking the proper doses and at the appropriate time. Make sure you remember to take your dose. If you are unable to remember, you can do it later, however, it should be within a reasonable time between the dose you missed between the dose that you missed and the next.

Additionally, before you take a regular dose of Vardenafil be sure to consult with your physician to make sure it’s safe to take it. Let us know about your recent medical history, as well as the current medical conditions you are suffering from including heart conditions liver and kidney issues nerve disorders, and low blood pressure.

It’s also not a great choice to drink alcohol when using these drugs regularly. Antifungal, antibiotics as well as HIV medications can negatively interact with Vardenafil. Certain substances, like nitroglycerine, can interfere with Vardenafil, causing adverse side effects.


Available Dosage and Alternative

Extra Super Tadarise

Zhewitra 40 Mg

Zhewitra 60 Mg

Extra Super Avana

Extra Super P Force 



  1. Extra Super Zhewitra Drug Interaction?

Vardenafil is linked to numerous drug interactions. Hypotension can result because Alpha-blockers, like terazosin, are in contact with. Nitrates are a warning about drug interactions because they may increase the chance of developing hypotension.

  1. What is the best time for Vardenafil tablets and Dapoxetine tablets to be taken?

If you experience any reaction that is allergic to this drug medication, it is best to avoid Vardenafil. If you’re taking an antihypertensive drug it is recommended to avoid Vardenafil.

  1. What is the best way to store Vardenafil or Dapoxetine pills are stored?

Be sure to keep this medication away from light, heat, and humidity at room temperature. Make sure to keep this medication in a secure location where your children won’t be able to access it.


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