Benefits to Not Ejaculating

Benefits to Not Ejaculating (Semen Retention)?

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What is semen retention?

Semen retention is when you avoid ejaculation – either by abstaining from sexual activity or stopping it before orgasm,

While completely abandoning sex and masturbation is a surefire way to practice this, edging also “holds” semen in the body.

The idea of edging is that you stop all sexual activity before ejaculating.

The main difference between edging and semen retention is that in some cases of edging, the person or their partner will eventually ejaculate, whereas with semen retention, ejaculation never occurs.

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The Benefits of not Ejaculating may surprise you.

Men are always looking for that extra edge. It is our nature to constantly look for new ways to improve, both in carrying out work and tasks, and as human beings. We constantly seek to improve our well-being, most often in one of four areas:

  • Mental
  • Physicist
  • Spiritual
  • Sexual

If you are looking for any or all of these, it may be surprising to learn the benefits of not ejaculating. While it may seem counterintuitive, abstaining from ejaculation for a specific period of time, whether it’s a day, a week, or even months, can have tangible positive effects in many aspects of our lives.

1. The mental benefits of not ejaculating

Proponents of sperm retention cite myriad positive mental and emotional outcomes from the practice. You may notice a reduction in stress or anxiety in your daily life, as well as a corresponding increase in motivation when it comes to your work, completing projects at home, or pursuing other goals. Perhaps the most obvious is the renewed sense of self-control you’ll gain through abstinence.

All of these benefits can be attributed to the aforementioned increase in testosterone levels. Think about how ready you felt to attack every day when you were younger, when your body secreted T at its maximum capacity. You may be able to regain some of the same vigor by not ejaculating regularly.

2. The spiritual benefits of not ejaculating

Many men who have practiced sperm retention have reported greater happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Others would experience deeper, more meaningful relationships with their loved ones. They say that stepping away from sexual activities has allowed them to focus on other aspects of their dating life, such as communicating about sex and their life in general.

While it’s nearly impossible to prove these anecdotal claims, often made by the no-fap community and movement, spending time talking to men who have enjoyed these benefits can be an eye-opening experience for anyone. path.

3. The physical benefits of not ejaculating

While more research is still needed in this area, most published studies have focused on the physical benefits of not ejaculating. Not surprisingly, many of these effects are again related to higher testosterone levels. Things like increased mood and energy as well as decreased body fat are the same types of results you would expect from more T.

Elevated testosterone levels have been linked to the following improvements:

  • Thicker hair
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved sperm quality

As mentioned above, these same physical benefits can also improve our mental and emotional state. This is an exciting cycle of positivity that can potentially begin after just one day of abstinence.

4. The sexual benefits of not ejaculating

Many men who have refrained from ejaculating for a significant period of time have reported that their sex lives have improved. A longer, more intense orgasm is the most commonly credited result. This belief can be seen in ancient practices like tantric sex, or in more modern practices like edging, or bringing yourself to orgasm before stopping and starting again.

Edging has been reported by the International Society of Sexual Medicine as a method of increasing the pleasurable sensation of orgasm in some men. It can also be useful as an exercise to help cure premature ejaculation.

5. It may improve fertility

Sperm retention can increase sperm quality and fertility.

One study suggests that simply abstaining from ejaculation for a day is enough to get the best potential sperm samples.

It also states that sexual abstinence should not exceed ten days.

Are there any side effects related to sperm retention?

Ejaculatory abstinence or semen retention is safe, but some side effects are possible, including:

Epididymal Hypertension

Epididymal hypertension (blue balls) occurs when a sexually aroused man does not ejaculate. However, it is a harmless condition that goes away by reducing sexual arousal or ejaculation.

Ejaculation Problems

If a man practices sperm retention, sperm trapping can cause a condition known as premature ejaculation, in which the man ejaculates even before his partner is sexually satisfied.

Controlling the urge to ejaculate during sexual stimulation can lead to a condition known as retrograde ejaculation, in which sperm, instead of returning to the testes, are redirected to the bladder.


What are the potential benefits of abstaining from ejaculation?

Refraining from ejaculation can lead to a number of perceived benefits, including increased energy, better concentration and improved mood.

Does refraining from ejaculation increase testosterone levels?

Some studies suggest a temporary increase in testosterone levels after withdrawal, but the long-term effects on testosterone are inconclusive.

Can abstaining from ejaculation improve fertility?

Regular ejaculation is generally considered healthy for sperm production, so prolonged abstinence does not necessarily improve fertility.

Do individuals experience greater motivation and productivity by abstaining?

Anecdotal reports suggest that some people feel more motivated and productive during periods of withdrawal, but scientific evidence is limited.